Practice Management Simplified

Everything You Need to
Be More Productive

More lawyers trust Clio as their web-based practice management solution because it allows them to manage all the business critical aspects of their practice more productively.

Kansas Bar Association Members are eligible to receive a
10% lifetime discount on Clio.


The Client-Centric Workflow

Clio simplifies the complexity of a lawyer's workflow by providing an intuitive global view of all tasks, documents, and client-specific information related to a matter. Clio hyper-organizes how you operate by allowing you to focus on what's most important, while in the background supporting and simplifying all the business critical aspects of your practice such as billing, time-tracking, and invoicing.


Don’t Let Time Slip Away

Lawyers get paid for their time, so why let inaccurate time-tracking affect your practice’s bottom line? Clio’s integrated time tracking system links directly to specific matters and tracks the exact time a lawyer spends on a case. Whether it's time spent on client consultation, emailing or research, Clio allows lawyers to accurately track their most valuable resource – time.


One-Click Billing and Invoicing

Clio's powerful invoicing and online billing technology streamlines the entire payment process. Create professional-grade practice specific invoices for each matter with just a single click. With Clio’s payment processing solutions lawyers can generate invoices and streamline bill payments by making it easier for clients to approve and pay their legal bills directly online.


Simplifying a Lawyer’s Digital World

Centralize and consolidate popular online solutions such as Dropbox, Box, Xero, and Google Apps, as well as synchronize contacts and emails from solutions such as Outlook in Clio. Clio’s open framework makes it easy for lawyers to continue using their preferred solutions for document management, email and accounting while harnessing features, capabilities and information directly in Clio.


Deliver Better Customer Service

Clio Connect is a collaboration tool that allows lawyers to deliver faster and better customer service without increasing resources or effort. Clio Connects allows lawyers to share information, documents and communication through a secure custom-branded online portal. Clients can easily stay current on their cases, share messages with their lawyers, view invoices or pay bills through the Clio Connect web-based portal.